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Kylie's Baby Shower

Without question one of the most remarkable milestones we celebrated recently was a very special baby shower with a lot of David Jeffrey Florist history. We've done many baby showers but not quite like this one.This story began almost 30 years ago when we opened our first shop in Westlake Village in 1982 we met Tracy, a new customer, who rapidly became one of our most loyal and supportive clients (and now friend). In April of 1986 Tracy gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Kylie and Kylie's Godmother brought us a keepsake to include in an arrangement to be sent to Tracy in celebration of her happy occasion.
So it was a wonderful moment when Tracy called us to plan a baby shower, you guessed it, Kylie was expecting.

As typical with Tracy, her ideas for the flowers were fabulous but what we didn't expect was that keepsake we used so many years ago was once again in our shop to incorporate in a beautiful floral arrangement for Kylie and Abraham's baby girl, Bellin. It's pretty remarkable that our careers have come full circle, not only doing weddings for the children we sent flowers to when they were born but now flowers for their children.

Does that make us their " Grand-florist"?  

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