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Tropical Flowers For All Occasions

Posted by Jeffrey Camarda on

 I'm always surprised when I hear customers and other florists express difficulty using Tropical Flowers in anything other than high style designs for specific functions. (like Hawaiian theme parties) 
When we opened our first shop in Westlake Village in 1982 tropical flowers is what set us apart from other florists and 3 decades later it's still true.
We have always used tropicals in our floral designs for Holidays, Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Memorial services, etc.
 To put it simply tropical flowers can be utilized in design for any occasion. Using tropical flowers are only limited by one's imagination.
They make a statement like no other flower, can withstand hot weather, long lasting, bright colors and from a creative point of view they are exciting to use in design.

Tropical Flowers For A Hot Autumn Day.

Posted by Jeffrey Camarda on

The offical start of Fall 2014 is only a few days away but California is stuck in a very hot humid weather pattern which has inspired us to add some tropical flair to our Fall Floral Designs

Tropical Flowers From David Jeffrey Florist

Posted by Jeffrey Camarda on
From the very beginning we put our emphasis on creating floral decorations that are artistically unique and elegant.

Ow... We' re Havin' A Heat Wave A Tropical Heat Wave

Posted by Jeffrey Camarda on
We specialize in tropical flowers offering an abundant collection of  custom exotic floral designs.

Tropical Harvest

Posted by Jeffrey Camarda on
Our customer said "Make it different, tropical and add a touch of Thanksgiving".
The end result was a very happy customer.

Flowers for North Ranch Country Club

Posted by Jeffrey Camarda on

A fun Arrangement for North Ranch Country Club for this weekend's special golf tournament.