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Customer Reviews For David Jeffrey Florist

Posted by Jeffrey Camarda on

Since 1982 our customers have been our greatest supporters and our most effective advertisement. Here are a few samples from our clients over the years. 

The best in the Conejo Valley! Beautiful arrangements, fair prices and their flowers last. Professionals all the way.
Feb 19, 2015
Diana Malmquist 

Tracy Bass, posted on 18-Feb-2015
I was not home on Saturday, 2/14, and it was a very warm day, David Jeffrey contacted me and said they had an arrangement for me, I said to leave it on the porch! It is Wednesday and the flowers, which include the fragile hydrangea, looks like it was delivered today! The quality of this piece is AMAZING!
Thank you, David Jeffrey

I remember meeting David and Jeff at their flower shop, it was such a beautiful quaint store filled with one of a kind gift items and amazing floral designs.
I needed a dozen roses for Valentines Day and  David made an arrangement that was absolutely outstanding.
From that day on I only purchased my flowers from David Jeffery Florist. I also had them do all the flowers for my wedding and to this day I still have friends and family asking for David & Jeffery's number so they can order flowers for their special events.
I love the convenience of their online flower boutique and their huge selection of floral arrangements. These guys put their heart and soul into every design which is why they are the best.
Robert Berger
Westlake Village, Ca

What can I say but 'WOW! Everything was just perfect-the flower arrangements at the church and the girl's bouquets you ' Nailed it'.
Mary Linore told me you were the best decision we made for the wedding and I couldn't agree more.
Your advice and willingness to join up in picking out linens lightning etc were above and beyond the call of duty. And the reception was spectacular.
But the best part was my absolute confidence in you.
I trusted and relied on you with no reservation. Thank you,  thank you.
Gratefully, Mary

Dear David and Jeffrey
What an overwhelming, wonderful surprise! Your flowers absolutely made the party! We are still receiving compliments on how beautiful the room was-of course thanks to you!
Another wonderful part was that I was able to give (flowers) to some very special people who were as overwhelmed to receive one as we were.
I know why you two are so successful-besides your unique talents you are both thoughtful, caring people-friends!
We will always remember our special reception, most of all because of the beautiful mood you set with the room by way of the flowers.
Thank you once again for the unbelievable gift of flowers. Our love and friendship,
Linda and Steven

David Jeffrey
This thank you card is incredibly overdue. I am so sorry that it has been so long in coming, It's been 6 months since our wedding & I have been cherishing, savoring each and every beautiful detail constantly.
You did such an incredible job on my wedding.
Every touch you added contributed to making the evening a truly extraordinary remarkable event. I can't begin to express my gratitude. You are so talented at what you do. Thank you for your part in making my wedding day perfect. From the church to the country club to the cake, I could not have asked for anything more. It was all perfect. A thousand times thank you.
Sincerely, Kelly & Rick Wenner.

My daughter received a birthday bouquet from family in Italy.  I was completely impressed with the flowers which showed up
on our doorstep.  I think this is the most beautiful bouquet I have seen delivered. I can not identify each flower presented but
there are many; the colors and overall arrangement absolutely beautiful.
The best thing, in my opinion, is that the flowers actually smell. They take your breath away each time you walk into the room.
I only mention this as it seems flowers have often had their beautiful scent bred out in favor of some other factor.
If this is what David Jeffrey does for a foreign order, I can only imagine what they would do for a local order.
I will be using them for again for my local needs. As per their website, this business used to be known as
David Jeffrey's Flowers on the Boulevard.

I have worked with David and Jeff many times over the years and every time that I see them on site I just have to smile! The joy they bring into each and every thing that they do makes everyone around them happy. Their work is STUNNING and makes the event memorable and beautiful and when you top off the day with their on-site service you can imagine how flawless your day and your events outcome will be. David and Jeff make your dreams come true! A true pleasure to work with them at every opportunity!
Dana Jordan 3/9/2012

Dear David and Jeffrey, You have outdone yourselves again. What a beautiful website. Just as beautiful as all the arrangements you make. When we get flowers in the Lobby for various employees, I can immediately tell which are from you. They are fresh first of all and so beautifully arranged. Everyone that comes for a visit always asks who made that arrangement and I am so proud to say ....lets look...and it is always yours. You are the best. I wish you lots of success.
Dorothy Murray
March 10, 2012

Dear David and Jeffrey
I wish your friends could have been there to see the wonderful way your bouquets of flowers graced the Westlake Magazine reception for Joni and Friends! Everywhere we looked there were stargazer lilies and a whole bunch more that I can't even pronounce or spell. But they sure did sweeten the air and lend a delicate fragrance to the entire reception!
Thank you so much for not only creating such artful displays but for generously providing your personal touch to the festivities.
If there is anything I can ever do for you two, please let me know.
And for your generous contribution to the entire reception, may God richly bless you, your work and your outreach in the Thousand Oaks Community. Again, thank you for your help in making the Westlake magazine reception for Joni and Friends such a memorable even for all.
Joni Eareckson Tada
June 11, 2002

Orlie N Kelli Arriola‎
October 13, 2014, · Camarillo, CA ·
Gentlemen.....I am beyond tardy in sending this BIG thank you for the gorgeous flowers you created for mom and dad's 55th wedding anniversary celebration at Boccaccio's! They were exquisite and they enjoyed them for days following! It's so great to count on you! Thanks again!

Hannah Tillman‎
October 16, 2014, ·
I absolutely LOVE the arrangement you made today for my boss! It was perfect! Thank you so much!

Customer Reviews

Posted by Jeffrey Camarda on

This was a nice email to receive from a happy client

Awesome!!! You made a magnificent arrangement for my sister. I know she will be thrilled.
Thank you for being a part of San's special day. You have made me so happy.

Thank you for using your talent in such a positive and inspiring way.

All my best.


The flowers you sent to my friend were gorgeous. She described them as exquisite  and they lasted nearly 2 weeks.
They were delivered the day after I ordered them. The time, care, love and compassion you put into your work, 
decorating houses making arrangements shows in the beauty of it all.
I will continue to not only use your company but recommend you to everyone that needs an arrangement. Thank you.


Reviews from Customers

Posted by Jeffrey Camarda on
I recently came across reviews from customers over the years and decided it was time to post some of them.
I just wanted to say “Thank You” so much for the beautiful design in our holiday treats to our colleagues, we have received several thank you cards with very nice words and tons of personal thank you’s and compliments. I am so pleased that we made an extraordinary compliment for our practice. So thank you tons and pat yourselves on the back for a job well done. 
Thanks again! 
Heart Center Cardiology Medical Associates 
Office Manager, CMB 

Hi David!
I wanted to thank you for the beautiful flowers you left on my door. It proved to me that you want to make my son's Bar Mitzvah amazing and that you truly want to work with my family. I am so looking forward to working with you.

David and Jeff, the flowers were lovely, the arch was so nicely done, and I really appreciate all that you did for Angie. She was a beautiful bride and it was a fun evening.
I will not forget what you have done for us, and we will be talking in the near future!
Thanks again, take care and be well, 
Rosie Hirsch

David and Jeffrey,
It was so great to speak with you both this week!!
My friend was quite pleased to receive her extraordinary bouquet.
Thank you for doing the good job you always do.
Do be well, and continue to take care of each other.
I am always pleased with how special you always make others feel in sharing your expertise!
Jacqueline S. Walker
Amgen, Inc.

Dear David,
I have been meaning to write to you for weeks now to express my gratitude and Anke Magnussen's gratitude for the magnificent table arrangement you did for her at Royal Oaks Farm just before Christmas.  Anke is like the local Mayor of Hidden Valley, and she had at least 5 dinner parties with that arrangement taking pride of center place.  Needless to say, people remarked on it at every event and marveled at your talents. Two of those guests included David Murdock and Jamie Foxx.  

Thank you for the magnificent work you do.
With gratitude,
Diana Lyle (Westlake Magazine) 

Thank you so much…Both arraignments were Fantastic! 
John Deluca

The planter was beautiful. I have since told many people about the arrangement !!!!
Thank you again.
Eric D. Shain 
Disney ABC Networks Group 

I LOVE my Thanksgiving wreath and get a million compliments!  
Thank you, 
Julia Brankovic

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Posted by Jeffrey Camarda on
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