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Godetia: The little flower that customers want to know more about.

Posted by Jeffrey Camarda on

How do you make a bud vase a conversation piece? Very easy.....fill it with a flower called Godetia. We do bud vases for several restaurants, hotels and country clubs and I'm always delighted by the reaction we get whenever we use this beautiful little flower. So I thought I would post some information and pictures for all the customers that have been asking about it.



Below is two examples of simple floral arrangements with  Godetia.

Pink and White Flower Cube $55



Country Basket $75

(Named for C. H. Godet, Swiss botanist)

"Godezia"Special "Azaela European Blend" - A blend of many colors and bicolors. Plant habit is base branching and overall habit and flowering time between many different colors is VERY uniform. Flowers heavily. Annual. This West Coast native is also known as Farewell-to-Spring, bidding the season goodbye with its dramatic display of blooms from spring to early summer. Slender, upright plants bear double, cup-like flowers in shades of pink and lavender. Good for fresh-cut bouquets. Days to Sprout 7 - 14, Plant seeds outdoors in early spring as soon as soil can be worked. Godetia needs well-drained - even sandy - soil without fertilizer. (Seeds may be started indoors in peat pots 6 to 8 weeks earlier.) Where winters are mild, seeds may be planted outdoors in fall. Sow seeds, cover lightly with soil and keep moist until seedlings are established. Water when the top 3-inch layer of soil is dry. Do not fertilize. Remove faded blossoms to prolong flowering. For cut flowers, cut when top bud opens.