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Throwback Thursday- A Windy Wedding Day in 1998

Posted by Jeffrey Camarda on

This lovely timeless wedding is from the late 90's. Forgive me for not remembering the names of this beautiful couple and the photographer who did such an outstanding job taking these memorable pictures on a very windy Santa Ana day.

1998 In the early days we never had time to take pictures, we had to depend on the kindness
of the bride or photographer to send pictures of our work. I'm so glad this bride send us these pictures.

I love the motion that is captured in the pictures from this windy day in 1998

What a beautiful bride, groom and wedding party. Classic in every way!


Throwback Thursday-Wedding at North Ranch Country Club

Posted by Jeffrey Camarda on
#TBT It's throwback thursday and we don't have an exact date but we think 22 or 24 years ago. North Ranch Country Club Events.I do remember the wedding had a black and white theme and at the time North Ranch Country Club was all white interior which worked well with the black linens and white flowers.

Es Jueves retroceso y no tenemos una fecha exacta, pero creemos que hace 22 ó 24 años. North Ranch Country Club Events.I me acuerdo de la boda tenía un tema en blanco y negro y en el momento en North Ranch Country Club fue todo interior blanco, que funcionaba bien con la ropa de negro y flores blancas.

Throwback Thursdays: Timeless Bridesmaid Dresses And Flowers

Posted by Jeffrey Camarda on
It's Throwback Thursdays:
Not sure of the date but it was several years ago and love the sleek lines and style of the dresses for the bridesmaids. Also still like the yellow roses with the grey. — at Stauffer Chapel - Pepperdine University.

Lori's Elegant Wedding

Posted by Jeffrey Camarda on
Lori's Wedding, was a beautiful gathering of family, close friends and people that were held dear to the bride and groom. It was a privilege to coordinate and design the flowers for this wedding.

It was a beautiful day for a wedding and memories to last a lifetime. 

David Jeffrey Florist and Event Production.Setting the standard in creative elegant custom floral designs since 1982. 

Artistic floral Expressions and Event Production.

Our goal as event planners and florists for Lori's wedding was to create a lovely affair with simplicity and elegance to compliment this beautiful estate. 

Throughout the estate we had flowers, orchid planters in beautiful containers and vases with linens to add to the elegance of the home for Lori's wedding.

An integral component of any event especially this particular wedding is lighting. If budget allows, appropriate lighting for your special occasion is essential in creating a beautiful effect. In this picture we lit the exterior of the estate to highlight it's architectural splendor. ( Yes this is a home and all of the pictures I posted of Lori's wedding is from the their estate). Most important of all was how gracious the bride & groom and the father of the bride were to us and our entire staff. This was truly a labor of love for us.

Everything Old Is New Again

Posted by Jeffrey Camarda on

 Everything Old Is New Again " May apply to the cascading bridal bouquet. This year we have several brides requesting cascades. So here is a look back on some of the ones we have done in the past and looking forward to sharing with you the new ones we will be doing this year.

Throwback Thursday - Timeless Elegance last forever

Posted by Jeffrey Camarda on
#tbt. This stunning bride demonstrates timeless elegance. The wedding is from the mid 80's yet it could be on the cover of any high fashion bridal magazine today. Everything about this wedding and bride was beautiful and a lasting memory for us as florists

Throwback Thurs - My Favorite Bride and Groom

Posted by Jeffrey Camarda on
It's throwback Thursday and my favorite bride and groom has to be this one. Just beautiful in every way!

I think this was 1985 or 1986.