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Tuesday's Flower Tips: Sympathy Flowers

Posted by Jeffrey Camarda on

There is a difference between sending flowers to a funeral service compared to the home and a reputable florist with experience should always advise you to what is appropriate.

1. If possible try to check if there are any specific instructions from the family concerning flowers. If you are not sure call the mortuary, church or person handling the floral arrangements. 

2. Sending flowers for a funeral, memorial service, church, mortuary or graveside should be larger in scale. Tall flowers does not mean MORE expensive, there are many different options.

3. In most cases I highly recommend staying within the colors that the family has chosen and if that is not possible then an all white or pale pastels is your next best choice.

4. If you are sending flowers to the home, always make it size appropriate. I never recommend sending large funeral sprays to a home. Another alternative is white orchid plants.

5. At David Jeffrey Florist we always take time to express our condolences, ask a little about the person who has passed to give us an idea what type of flowers most represent the deceased.
Any florist that doesn't take the time to show empathy and patience in taking your order IS NOT THE PERSON YOU WANT.