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Our Halloween Collection Frightfully Fabulous

Posted by Jeffrey Camarda on

One of our most enjoyable holidays is Halloween and each year the parties, decor, and floral arrangements continue to grow in popularity. The orders range from whimsical arrangements in pumpkins for children to frightfully fabulous for adults! The trick is to keep it creative and fun going outside the typical generic styles I see on the wire services and incorporate some of the most gruesome props. It's a fine line and it all depends on what the customers wants, where the flowers are being delivered to and carefully selecting the right balance. Some flower shops refuse to do adult-oriented Halloween orders for fear it may offend some people, which is why it's always important to know your audience and remind your customer what is fun to send for a Halloween party for adults  is not appropriate for a kids party or an office. Even though amusement parks like Disneyland, Knotts and large retailer chains have no problem capitalizing on this holiday because of consumer demand, a neighborhood flower shop has to go by a different set of rules. None the less we should carve out our own portion of Halloween decor and join in the fun. Fact is Halloween is now the second largest retail holiday after Christmas and is very popular for all ages and many florists are missing the opportunity to increase sales by combining their creative talents with unusual flowers like cockscomb, protea, succulents and other exotic looking florals. 


Whether you are decorating your home, office, business or to will shriek in delight with these wonderful creative floral arrangement's for Halloween. Below is a sample of orders we did for a Halloween Party and new products that we have added to our online catalog in the Halloween section, they range from sweet and spooky to the ghoulish.


Have A Safe and Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween.

Posted by Jeffrey Camarda on

Wishing Everyone A Frightfully Fabulous Fun Halloween!

Lucy Pet Foundation 2013 Halloween Party

Posted by Jeffrey Camarda on
We had so much fun designing centerpieces surrounded by amazing props and Halloween decor for the first fundraiser for 
the Lucy Pet Foundation 2013 Halloween Party!  

To find out more about this wonderful organization please visit their site.

Halloween Weekend

Posted by Jeffrey Camarda on

Enjoy your weekend of Halloween parties with friends and family and be safe. 

Alien Sunset

Posted by Jeffrey Camarda on
This Halloween Scream.........With Halloween Glee! 

Scary Mondays

Posted by Jeffrey Camarda on

If you think Mondays are scary.....wait until you visit our Frightfully Fabulous Halloween Collection

Frightfully Fabulous

Posted by Jeffrey Camarda on
Wickedly creative original designs for Halloween. For those of you that are a little squeamish you might want to pass this section up.
Over the next few days we will be showcasing our entire Halloween collection that will have you screaming with delight!