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Flowers For National Charity League Tea

Posted by Jeffrey Camarda on
Always fun to create flowers for a great organization and work with a wonderful group of people at the National Charity League Tea at the beautiful Sherwood Country Club Events & Weddings


Busy Weekend Of Special Events

Posted by Jeffrey Camarda on

This past weekend we had two wonderful events .

On Sat May 17 we had 54 centerpieces with a 1920's theme at the THE LEGENDARY Park Plaza HOTEL in downtown Los Angeles.  It is absolutely beautiful hotel built in the 1920's. A word of  friendly advice for any florist that is not familiar with this hotel is to plan on hiring extra staff for set up. It's not an easy installation and they do not open their doors before 4 pm to install. Even a small job you will need 8-10 extra people. Trust me you need to charge extra on set-up & delivery. None the less it's worth all the extra work to do an event there because it is such an amazing venue and has endless design possibilities for any event.

On May 18th we had 31 centerpieces and staging at Sherwood Country Club for the NCI Tea. Really enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people, which makes our job worthwhile. Thank you.

Lori's Elegant Wedding

Posted by Jeffrey Camarda on
Lori's Wedding, was a beautiful gathering of family, close friends and people that were held dear to the bride and groom. It was a privilege to coordinate and design the flowers for this wedding.

It was a beautiful day for a wedding and memories to last a lifetime. 

David Jeffrey Florist and Event Production.Setting the standard in creative elegant custom floral designs since 1982. 

Artistic floral Expressions and Event Production.

Our goal as event planners and florists for Lori's wedding was to create a lovely affair with simplicity and elegance to compliment this beautiful estate. 

Throughout the estate we had flowers, orchid planters in beautiful containers and vases with linens to add to the elegance of the home for Lori's wedding.

An integral component of any event especially this particular wedding is lighting. If budget allows, appropriate lighting for your special occasion is essential in creating a beautiful effect. In this picture we lit the exterior of the estate to highlight it's architectural splendor. ( Yes this is a home and all of the pictures I posted of Lori's wedding is from the their estate). Most important of all was how gracious the bride & groom and the father of the bride were to us and our entire staff. This was truly a labor of love for us.

Creating Exquisite Events For Every Occasion.

Posted by Jeffrey Camarda on
Jennifer’s vision for her wedding was a contemporary sleek sophisticated style. The setting was outdoors in her mom’s Calabasas estate with breathtaking views as the backdrop and our job was to help pull together all the different elements to create floral arrangements and lighting that would compliment the exteriors. The background story for this wedding was one of our more unique experiences…..The wedding was only a few days away and our bride to be already hired a well known celebrity florist but felt the lack of communication was making her very uneasy as the wedding day approached. After interviewing David it was very clear from the first meeting they were on the same page. David is a perfectionist and one of the most important pieces of advice he gives to all brides is to find a florist you trust. If you don’t have confidence in the person you are hiring for the most important day of your life then YOU need to find someone else. Even though we only had a short time to plan and design for this wedding it went off without a problem and we were thrilled to give Jennifer the wedding she wanted. Thank you Jennifer!

Pictures courtesy of Betwixt Studio Maurice Wright
To see more pictures of Jennifer's Wedding  please click the link below.

Celebrate The New Year With A David Jeffrey Floral Design.

Posted by Jeffrey Camarda on
Celebrate the New Year with a David Jeffrey Custom Floral Design.