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Happy Birthday in Heaven Christian Malmquist Carreon

Missing you more than words can ever express. How I wish you were here to celebrate your 49th Birthday. Your spirit and all the wonderful memories will always be a huge part of our hearts. We had lunch with your Mom yesterday and she continues to impress us with her strength even though all of our hearts are breaking.

Sunday Feb 1, 2015 
Dear Diana Malmquist, it was so wonderful to finally have our long overdue lunch at Boccaccio's yesterday. It's hard to believe we have known each other since 1988 when your wonderful son Christian starting working for us and you both became a huge part of our lives.. We miss Christian every single day of our life but I know he would be very proud of your amazing strength. You are surrounded by so many loving people and you can always count on us to be there. Thank you for the wonderful bottle of wine and the fantastic Tony Bennett/ Lady Gaga CD.

Love, David & Jeff

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